Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Learning new things

So, I decided to start working towards the new year resolutions that I made for 2011. I was thinking of learning dancing but then thought dancing is beyond me, I would prefer learning music. It was semi-classical music that I wanted to start with but the teacher said that you can learn any variation if you have learnt classical. Although, it sounded tough to me, I decided that it is better to learn it completely, as she suggests. I have given myself one year to find out if I can really sing something or not. I would be really happy if I am able to sing even one song properly.

The other reason that made me start on this was that I will be able to complete the unfinished business. It was several years ago that I had started learning music, but for some reason couldn't continue with my learning. It was always there at the back of my mind...

It will also keep me occupied and take my mind off a lot of things that I don't want to think about. I feel that it will be a good distraction.

When I called my teacher I asked her if she teaches adults as well, and she said that there are seperate classes for the grown-ups. I was relieved because I didnt want to sit in a class of tiny-tots and be embarassed . The first class that I attended was with people my age, but it was an advanced session, and of course I felt that I wouldn't be able to learn anything.

After the class got over, she asked me to stay back for the next class, which was for the basics. I stayed, and there were new pupils, but kids aged between 3-5. It was very very embarrassing.

I felt very uncomfortable sitting with the kids, but I found that all the kids were so cute. There was this little boy about 3.5 yrs old, when he sang in his baby voice he looked sooo cute. I loved watching him sing, he was such a darling. There was another girl who had to update the teacher about how many toys she has, which toy she takes with her when she sleeps, and that she has had a haircut, etc. It's was fun....

I am looking forward to attending the classes...

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